Save better.

Reach your goals faster with the savings app designed with your well-being in mind.

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Why Peak?

Peak money app

Visualize your goals

What are you willing to save for? Create a digital peak for each of your savings goals.

Peak Money

Build a plan that works for you

Start with Peak’s recommendations for how much to save, then customize automatic transfers and round-ups to save at your own pace.

peak finance

Accelerate your saving

The more you save, the more you earn. Peak rewards your commitment to saving with a 0.5% annual return, distributed every quarter.

financial wellness

Celebrate your progress

Enjoy each step of the journey, with an app that focuses on the climb as well as the destination. No step forward is too small.


Our Story

We’re a team of innovators, wellness enthusiasts, & ex-bankers, joined together with one shared passion: helping people reach their peak potential in life. Stress continues to be the leading barrier for most, and money is a leading cause of stress.

We're here to help.

Financial + Wellness

Our team is a unique blend. Half of us came from the world of digital wellness, where we helped people improve their health with award-winning apps. The other half came from the banking industry, where we saw how financial institutions often fail to help people reach their goals. We joined forces in 2018, and together, we’re on a mission to create the world’s best savings experience for you!

Our founding leadership includes...

Lee Adkins
Chief Technology Officer
Amber Cox
VP, Brand Engagement
Brian Bowden
Principal Software Engineer
Mike Kramer
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Young
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Brooks Jr.
Chief Product Officer, Designer
Jonathan Yagel
VP of Marketing
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