Save different

You are unique. The Peak app lets you save money exactly how you want to.

Why Peak?

Organize your savings your way

Ditch the old savings account. Create a digital peak for each of your savings goals.

Start saving

Personalize your experience

Set up automatic transfers and round-ups exactly how you want, and even customize your peaks to match your personal style.

Customize your Savings

Improve your money mindset

Experience an app completely designed to help you be more intentional, more calm, and more confident in pursuing your financial goals.


Our Story

We’re a team of innovators, wellness enthusiasts, & ex-bankers, joined together with one shared passion: helping people reach their peak potential in life. Stress continues to be the leading barrier for most, and money is a leading cause of stress.

We're here to help.

A different kind of company

Peak isn’t like any other savings app because our approach doesn’t start with money. We’re not Wall Street traders or former Big Bank execs. We’re a group of real people who want to do things the right way. Our backgrounds are in documentary film, non-profit work, and nutrition coaching... and most of the team worked together at a health & wellness app development company, before starting Peak. The result of all of this is an app that puts you (the user) first.

Peak is here to help you save more… but we move beyond financial gains and wealth accumulation. We want to help you save money in a way that gets you closer to living a life you love… starting today.

Lee Adkins
VP of Software Engineering
Amber Cox
Director of Content & Social
Brian Bowden
Senior Software Engineer
Jay Kelley
President and CEO
Jason Young
VP of Operations
Michael Brooks Jr.
Chief Product Officer, Designer
Jonathan Yagel
VP of Marketing
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