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Add some extra intentionality to your goal-setting. Create a custom, digital mountain peak for each goal, and track your progress to the top of each one.

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With your goals established, make it easier to achieve them with Scheduled Saves and Round-ups.

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Stress less.

We know that saving money can be stressful. So Peak includes supportive quotes and tips, encouraging content, and even a breathing exercise, to help you keep climbing!


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From tips to interviews to personal stories, our Northbound blog provides insights and guidance on how to be mindful with your life and your money. Check it out directly in the app, or read it, here.


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We’re a team of innovators, wellness enthusiasts, & ex-bankers, joined together with one shared passion: helping people reach their peak potential in life. Stress continues to be the leading barrier for most, and money is a leading cause of stress.

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